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Chapter 28: The unicl driver

The unicl program, which is supplied in the distribution and can be found in $ALDORROOT/bin, is a configurable driver for the C compiler and linker. It is used whenever the aldor options -Fo or -Fx are specified.
The aldor option -v can be used to show how unicl is invoked and how it calls the underlying C compiler. Invoking unicl on its own will display some useful information about the options it understands. These include some options commonly found in C compilers such as

Additionally, unicl understands the following options

An extra set of options act as flags for certain non-default unicl behaviour. These are
These are the meaningful keys in the configuration file.

The special key inherit takes as value a section name and directs unicl to look in the named section if a key is not found in the current one. The special character $ prepended to a key name stands for the value of that key. You can introduce your own keys for convenience and refer to them using $. The following conditions are provided You can use the conditions when specifying values with this form
    $?condition w1 w2 w3 : w4 ;
meaning 'If condition is true then w1 w2 w3 else w4'. Conditional forms can be ested.
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