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Chapter 29: Compiler messages

This chapter lists the messages produced by the Aldor compiler. Each message has a name and text. For example, one message has the name ``ALDOR_E_TinOpMeans'' and the text ``Operator has %d possible types.''

  The name of this message has four parts:
ALDOR indicates this message is for the Aldor compiler,
E indicates this is an error message,
Tin indicates the message arises in type inference,
OpMeans identifies the particular message.

  A number of letters may occur in the place of ``E'' above.
  The letters and their meanings are:
F fatal errors --- compiler stops
E soft errors --- compiler keeps going
W warnings
R remarks
H help
M interactive loop messages
N notes --- cross references to other source lines
D details for another message
P punctuation

  The name can be used to enable or disable the display of a specific warning or a remark. See Section 15.7 for details.

  We show below the name and the text of most of the compiler messages. The only messages we have omitted are those which give the command line help:
ALDOR_H_HelpCmd ALDOR_H_HelpFileTypes
ALDOR_H_HelpOptionSummary ALDOR_H_HelpHelpOpt
ALDOR_H_HelpArgOpt ALDOR_H_HelpDirOpt
ALDOR_H_HelpFileOpt ALDOR_H_HelpGoOpt
ALDOR_H_HelpOptimOpt ALDOR_H_HelpDebugOpt
ALDOR_H_HelpCOpt ALDOR_H_HelpLispOpt
ALDOR_H_HelpMsgOpt ALDOR_H_HelpDevOpt

  This information is given in Chapter 27.

  Within the text of the messages, items such as ``%s'' and ``%d'' have strings and numbers substituted into them before the message is actually used. For example, the message with the text ``Operator has %d possible types.'' might appear as ``Operator has 4 possible types.'' when it is actually displayed in a given context.

ALDOR_F_CmdBadOptionImproper use of `%s' option. Type `%s -help' for help.
ALDOR_F_CmdNoOption`%s' is not an option. Type `%s -help' for help.
ALDOR_F_CmdCantUseEntryCould not use file `%s' as the main file.
ALDOR_F_CmdNoOutputDirThe specified output directory does not exist.
ALDOR_W_CmdFunnyEntryBogus main file name `%s' ignored.
ALDOR_F_MsgTooManyErrorsToo many errors (use `-M emax=n' or `-M no-emax' to change the limit).
ALDOR_R_MsgCountMessagesThis file had %d errors, %d warnings and %d remarks.
ALDOR_R_MsgAdviseDetailsUse `aldor -M<n>' to get more or less detail.
ALDOR_R_MsgCondolencesSorry, your file did not compile.
ALDOR_R_MsgCongratulationsCongratulations, your file compiled!!
ALDOR_P_MsgTagFatal(Fatal Error)
ALDOR_P_MsgTagNote(Note %d)
ALDOR_P_MsgPreview(Message Preview)
ALDOR_P_MsgAfterMacEx(After Macro Expansion)
ALDOR_P_MsgExpandedExprExpanded expression was:
ALDOR_P_MsgSposFileLine"%s", line %d:
ALDOR_P_MsgSposLineChar[L%d C%d]
ALDOR_P_MsgNoteNote %d
ALDOR_P_MsgSeeNote(see %s)
ALDOR_P_MsgCfNote(cf. L%d C%d)
ALDOR_P_MsgCfFarNote(cf. "%s" L%d C%d)
ALDOR_E_InclBadUnassertUnassert: property unknown: `%s'.
ALDOR_E_InclIfEofEnd of file encountered in `#if'.
ALDOR_E_InclInfiniteCircular include files: %s.
ALDOR_E_InclUnbalElseUnbalanced `#else'.
ALDOR_E_InclUnbalElseifUnbalanced `#elseif'.
ALDOR_E_InclUnbalEndifUnbalanced `#endif'.
ALDOR_E_SysCmdBadImproper use of `%s' system command.
ALDOR_W_SysCmdUnknownUnknown system command.
ALDOR_E_ScanBadAftRadImproper number (after radix specification).
ALDOR_E_ScanBadCharBad character in input.
ALDOR_E_ScanBadExponImproper number (no digits in exponent).
ALDOR_E_ScanNoDigitsImproper number (no digits).
ALDOR_E_ScanOpenStringString not closed.
ALDOR_E_NormMacDeclMacros must not be given return types.
ALDOR_E_NormMacBadBodyImproper body in `macro' statement.
ALDOR_W_NormNoIdCouldn't find identifier for documentation
ALDOR_E_MacBadDefnImproper form for macro definition.
ALDOR_E_MacBadParamImproper macro parameter (should be an identifier).
ALDOR_E_MacBadParamDeclMacro parameters must not have type declarations.
ALDOR_E_MacBadArgcMacro used with incorrect number of arguments.
ALDOR_E_MacBadArgMacro cannot match the given argument.
ALDOR_E_MacInfiniteCircular macro expansion: %s.
ALDOR_F_SyntaxOverflowParser stack overflow (in state %d).
ALDOR_E_SyntaxErrorSyntax error.
ALDOR_E_SyntaxErrorDebugSyntax error (in state %d).
ALDOR_E_SyntaxNoRecoveryCannot recover from earlier syntax errors.
ALDOR_E_LinUnbalancedUnbalanced `%s' -- missing `%s'.
ALDOR_W_LinUnbalancedUnbalanced `%s' -- missing `%s'.
ALDOR_F_LoadNotAbSynThis is not an abstract syntax operator.
ALDOR_F_LoadNotFoamThis is not a Foam operator.
ALDOR_F_LoadNotListExpecting a (parenthesized) list here.
ALDOR_F_LoadNotUnaryExpecting exactly one argument.
ALDOR_F_LoadNotStringExpecting a "quoted" string here.
ALDOR_F_LoadNotSymbolExpecting a symbol here.
ALDOR_F_LoadNotIntegerExpecting an integer.
ALDOR_F_LoadNotFloatExpecting a float.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadAssignIncorrect left-hand side of an assignment.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadDeclareImproper form appearing within a declaration.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadDefineIncorrect left-hand side of a definition. Check indentation of succeeding definitions, if any.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadForExpecting an identifier or single declaration after `for'.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadFormImproper form appearing in `%s' statement.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadGotoA goto must have a label's identifier as its target.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadLabelA label must consist of a single identifier.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadMLambdaImproper macro expansion.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadMacroImproper macro definition.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadParamsExpecting a comma separated list of parameters.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadParamsDupsImproper duplicate use of parameter name.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadQualificationImproper LHS in $-qualification.
ALDOR_E_ChkBadRecordOrUnionDuplicate selector/type pair within Record or Union.
ALDOR_E_ChkMissingRetTypeFunction return type must be specified.
ALDOR_D_ChkUseFromHintMaybe you want to use `import from ...'.
ALDOR_E_ChkSelectSeq`select <E> in' must be followed by a sequence.
ALDOR_E_ChkSelectExitsUnexpected `=>' in select
ALDOR_W_FunnyJuxtaSuspicious juxtaposition. Check for missing `;'.
Check indentation if you are using `#pile'.
ALDOR_W_FunnyColonSuspicious `:'. Do you mean `local' or `default'?
ALDOR_W_FunnyEqualsSuspicious `='. Do you mean `==' or `:=' ?
ALDOR_W_FunnyEscapeEscape character ignored. Do you mean '__'?
ALDOR_E_ScoAssAndDefCannot both assign and define `%s' in the same scope.
Choose `==', `:=', or use as a `for' variable.
ALDOR_E_ScoAssTypeId`%s' is used in a type, so must be constant, and so cannot be assigned to.
ALDOR_E_ScoBadLexConstA local constant may not have the same name as an outer variable or parameter.
ALDOR_E_ScoFluidShadowA fluid variable cannot shadow an outer non-fluid binding.
ALDOR_E_ScoBadLoopAssCannot explicitly assign a `for' variable.
ALDOR_E_ScoBadParameterImproper form appearing in a parameter context.
ALDOR_E_ScoBadTypeFreeFree variable `%s' is bound elsewhere with a different type.
ALDOR_E_ScoDupDefineConstant `%s' cannot be redefined.
ALDOR_E_ScoFreeAndLocCannot declare `%s' both free and local.
ALDOR_E_ScoFreeConstA constant declared free in an inner scope (`%s') cannot be defined in that scope.
ALDOR_E_ScoLateFreeLocalIt is illegal to declare an identifier free or local once it has already been used, defined or assigned.
ALDOR_E_ScoLibraryCannot assign to or redefine library or archive constant `%s'.
ALDOR_E_ScoNoFreeA built-in or foreign function cannot be declared `free' or `local'.
ALDOR_E_ScoNoParmA built-in or foreign function cannot have the same signature as a parameter.
ALDOR_E_ScoNoSetA built-in or foreign function cannot be assigned to or defined.
ALDOR_E_ScoNotBuiltinUnknown built-in.
ALDOR_E_ScoParmLocFreeParameters cannot be declared local or free.
ALDOR_E_ScoSameSigA built-in function cannot have the same signature as a foreign function.
ALDOR_E_ScoParmTypeParameter type (for %s) must be specified explicitly or with default.
ALDOR_E_ScoVarOverloadVariables cannot have different types in the same scope.
ALDOR_E_ScoUnknownFreeCannot find scope in which free variable `%s' is bound.
ALDOR_W_ScoNotProtocolUnknown foreign interface protocol.
ALDOR_W_ScoBadLocalImplicit local `%s' is a parameter, local or explicit free in an outer scope. Add a `local' declaration if this is what you intended.
ALDOR_W_ScoBadUseLocal `%s' is used without being assigned or defined.
ALDOR_W_ScoLocalNoUseLocal `%s' is not assigned, defined, or used.
ALDOR_W_ScoVarDefault`%s' has a default type and a different explicit type declaration.
ALDOR_R_ScoMeaningIntroducing %s meaning for %s with type %s.
ALDOR_E_StabDupLabelsCannot use label `%s' more than once in a given scope.
ALDOR_R_StabImportingImporting %s.
ALDOR_R_StabImportingQualThe import was restricted to: %s.
ALDOR_W_StabNotImportingIgnoring explicit import from %s.
ALDOR_F_LibOutOfDateThe file `' is newer than `'.
ALDOR_F_LibBadVersionLibrary format (obsolete version) in file `%s'.
Current library format version %d.%d.
Found library format version %d.%d.
ALDOR_F_LibExportNotFoundLooking for `%s' with code `%d'. Export not found.
ALDOR_E_LibBadMagicLibrary format (bad magic number) in file `%s'.
ALDOR_E_LibBadNumSectLibrary format (bad number of sections) in file `%s'.
ALDOR_E_LibBadSectHdrLibrary format (bad section header) in file `%s'.
ALDOR_E_LibBadSectNameLibrary format (bad section name) in file `%s'.
ALDOR_E_LibSectDupLibrary format (duplicate section) in file `%s'.
ALDOR_E_LibSectLimitLibrary format (too many sections) in file `%s'.
ALDOR_E_LibSectOffsetLibrary format (offset out of range) in file `%s'.
ALDOR_W_LibRedefinedRedefinition of library symbol `%s'.
ALDOR_E_TinNoMeaningForIdNo meaning for identifier `%s'.
ALDOR_E_TinNoMeaningForLitNo meaning for %s-style literal `%s'.
ALDOR_E_TinBadDeclareImproper form appearing within a declaration.
ALDOR_E_TinIfMeansThe `if' expression has %d possible types.
ALDOR_E_TinAssMeansAssignment has %d meanings.
ALDOR_E_TinDefnMeansDefinition has %d meanings.
ALDOR_E_TinCantSplitRHSThis right hand side cannot be split for multiple assignment.
ALDOR_E_TinAssignCreatesDepTypeThe type of this variable includes a variable, '%s'.
Consider using '==' instead of ':='
ALDOR_E_TinExprMeansHave determined %d possible types for the expression.
ALDOR_E_TinNMeaningsThere are %d meanings for `%s' in this context.
ALDOR_E_TinBadGotoA goto must have a label's identifier as its target.
ALDOR_E_TinOpMeansOperator has %d possible types.
ALDOR_E_TinWildExitThe `=>' is not inside a sequence.
ALDOR_E_TinWildReturnThe `return' is not inside a function.
ALDOR_E_TinWildYieldThe `yield' is not inside a `generate'.
ALDOR_E_TinContextExitA value is needed but `=>' does not produce one.
ALDOR_E_TinContextIfA value is needed but `if' expression has no `else'.
ALDOR_E_TinContextRepeatA value is needed but `repeat' does not produce one.
ALDOR_E_TinContextSeqA value is needed but an empty sequence does not produce one.
ALDOR_E_TinCantInferLhsThe type of the assignment cannot be inferred.
ALDOR_E_TinNoGoodOpThere are no suitable meanings for the operator `%s'.
ALDOR_E_TinNoGoodInterpThere is no suitable interpretation for the expression %s
ALDOR_E_TinFirstExitTypeThe possible type for this %s is %s.
ALDOR_E_TinFirstExitTypesThe possible types for this %s are:
ALDOR_E_TinTypeConstIntroThe interpretation of the type expression
ALDOR_X_TinTypeConstFailedfailed to satisfy the condition that
ALDOR_E_TinCantBeAnalyzedCannot determine the meaning of this expression because
the type of one of its subexpressions cannot yet be completely analyzed.
ALDOR_E_TinEmbeddedSetImplicit set within a multi-assign is not yet implemented.
ALDOR_E_TinMultiTrytry expressions must yield a single value (will be fixed later).
ALDOR_D_TinNoGoodInterpThere is no suitable interpretation for the expression %s
ALDOR_D_TinNoMeaningForIdNo meaning for identifier `%s'.
ALDOR_D_TinSubexprMeansSubexpression `%s':
ALDOR_D_TinPossTypesLhsThe possible types of the left hand side are:
ALDOR_D_TinPossTypesThe possible types were:
ALDOR_D_TinPossInterpsThe possible interpretations of `%s' are:
ALDOR_D_TinPossTypesRhsThe possible types of the right hand side (`%s') are:
ALDOR_D_TinAlternativeMeaningsThe following could be suitable if imported:
ALDOR_D_TinOneMeaningMeaning %d: %s
ALDOR_D_TinContextTypeThe context requires an expression of type %s.
ALDOR_D_TinMissingExportsThe domain is missing some exports.
ALDOR_D_TinMissingExportMissing %s: %s
ALDOR_D_TinRejectedTypesThese possible types were rejected:
ALDOR_X_TinNoArgumentMatchrejected because argument %d did not match `%s'.
ALDOR_X_TinParameterMissingrejected because parameter %d (%s) is missing.
ALDOR_X_TinBadArgumentNumberrejected because it cannot take %d arguments.
ALDOR_X_TinBadFnTyperejected because the context requires type `%s'.
ALDOR_D_TinRejectedTypeThe rejected type is %s.
ALDOR_D_TinRejectedTypesForRhsThese possible types for the right hand side were rejected:
ALDOR_D_TinRejectedTypeForRhsThe rejected type for the right hand side is %s.
ALDOR_D_TinShouldUseDoubleEqYou should use %s==%s and not %s.
ALDOR_D_TinAvailableTypesForArgThe available types for argument %d were:
ALDOR_D_TinArgNoMatchParTypesArgument %d of `%s' did not match any possible parameter type.
ALDOR_D_TinOperatorNoMatchOperator (argument %d of apply) did not match any possible parameter type.
ALDOR_D_TinMoreMeaningsThere are %d meanings for the operator `%s'.
ALDOR_D_TinRetTypesCantContextNo one possible return type satisfies the context type.
ALDOR_D_TinExpectedTypeExpected type %s.
ALDOR_D_TinExpectedTypesExpected one of:
ALDOR_D_TinRejectedRetTypesThese possible return types were rejected:
ALDOR_D_TinOtherDiffArgNumThere are other meanings rejected due to different number of arguments.
ALDOR_D_TinPossSelectorTypesPossible types for the selector `%s' were:
ALDOR_D_TinPossRetTypeSetBangPossible return types for `set!' expression were:
ALDOR_D_TinPossTypesForSetBangNo `set!' found for any of the possible types for `%s':
ALDOR_D_TinSetBangBadArgNumThere is no `set!' definition with this number of arguments.
ALDOR_D_TinOneImpMeaning%s: %s from %s
ALDOR_D_TinOneLexMeaning%s: %s, a local
ALDOR_D_TinOneLibMeaning%s: %s, a library
ALDOR_D_TinOneMeaning0(...): %s
ALDOR_D_TinFirstExitCantThis is not compatible with the types of the other %ss.
ALDOR_N_TinOtherExitTypeHere the %s type is %s.
ALDOR_N_TinOtherExitTypesHere the %s types are:
ALDOR_W_TinNoValReturnThe `return' gives a value but none is expected.
ALDOR_R_TinInferringInferring %s: %s.
ALDOR_M_FintBreakHandlerExecution terminated: use #quit if you want to quit.
ALDOR_M_FintBreakHandler0Use '#quit' to quit Aldor.
ALDOR_M_FintYesOrNoPlease, answer y or n.
ALDOR_M_FintRedefined%s redefined.
ALDOR_M_FintOptionState%s is %s.
ALDOR_M_FintOptionValue%s is %d.
ALDOR_M_FintUnknownOptUnrecognized option. Type #int %s for help.
ALDOR_M_FintTimingsComp: %d msec, Interp: %d msec
ALDOR_M_FintGbcStartGarbage collection...
ALDOR_M_FintIntOptionsNoFileCannot give files, such as `%s', with `#int options'
ALDOR_M_ShellSyntaxThe correct syntax is: #int %s "<shell-command>"
ALDOR_M_CdSyntaxThe correct syntax is: #int %s <directory>
ALDOR_M_InvalidDirInvalid directory.
ALDOR_M_FintOptions Available options:
#int %s [on|off] print the value of an evaluated expression.
#int %s [on|off] try to wrap an assignment around the current line.
#int %s [on|off] ask for confirmation before redefining something.
#int %s [on|off] display timings after every input.
#int %s [num] set the limit size of some messages; 0 for no-limit.
#int %s ... reset command line options.
#int %s perform garbage collection.
#int %s "<command>" execute a shell command.
#int %s <directory> change current directory.
#int %s display this message.
#quit quit the interactive loop.
ALDOR_F_CdFailedCould not change working directory to `%s'.
ALDOR_F_CcFailedC compile failed. Command was: %s
ALDOR_F_LinkFailedLinker failed. Command was: %s
ALDOR_F_BadFTypeCannot handle file `%s' of type `%s'. Try using file type `%s'.
ALDOR_F_WdClobberInOutput would clobber input file `%s'.
ALDOR_F_WdClobberFileOutput would clobber the source file `%s'.
ALDOR_W_WillObsoleteThe file `%s' will now be out of date.
ALDOR_W_RemovingFileRemoving file `%s'.
ALDOR_W_NotCreatingFileCannot create file `%s' from input file.
ALDOR_W_NoFilesNo files! Type `%s -help' for help.
ALDOR_F_NoConfigCould not find aldor.conf
ALDOR_F_NoFNamePropertyFortran naming scheme field (%s) is not specified in aldor.conf
ALDOR_F_BadFNameValueUnrecognised Fortran naming scheme (%s) specified in aldor.conf
ALDOR_F_NoFCmplxPropertyFortran complex functions field (%s) is not specified in aldor.conf
ALDOR_F_BadFCmplxValueUnrecognised Fortran complex functions field value (%s) specified in aldor.conf
ALDOR_M_BreakEnterAldor compiler break ------------------------------------------------------
ALDOR_M_BreakNoMsgNo message.
ALDOR_M_BreakNoCmdUnrecognized command: `%s'.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgHelpAvailHelp is available.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgBadNodeBad node.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgNoNodeNo node.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgNoStabNo symbol table.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgNoTypeInfoNo type info yet.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgAtTopAt top.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgAtLeafAt leaf.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgNoPrevNo prev.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgNoNextNo next.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgCantSelectNo such selection.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgNTypesThe expression has %d possible types.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsg1TypeThe expression has the unique type:
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgUsedContextUsed in `%s' context.
ALDOR_M_BreakMsgNotIdCan only ask for meanings of an identifier.
ALDOR_M_BreakHelpCommands are:
  • help -- give this help
  • getcomsg -- get information on the current message
  • notes -- show the notes associated with the current message
  • mselect i -- select message i to be the current message
  • mnext -- select the next message in the list
  • mprev -- select the previous message in the list
  • msg -- display the error message again
  • nice -- show with pretty printed form
  • ugly -- show with more detailed, internal form
  • show -- show the current node
  • means -- show the possible meanings of the current node
  • use -- show how the current node is used
  • seman -- show the extra semantic information for the current node
  • scope -- show information about the current scope
  • up -- use the parent as the current node
  • down -- use 0th child as the current node
  • next -- use the next sibling as the current node
  • prev -- use the previous sibling as the current node
  • home -- return to the original node
  • where -- returns the line and column location of the current node
  • quit -- exit the compiler, showing all messages so far
ALDOR_H_HelpConfigOptConfiguration options:
  • -N file=<file> Specify name of config file.
  • -N sys=<name> Specify system name.
ALDOR_H_HelpProductInfoContact for product support and information.
Use the aldorbug program for reporting any bugs.
ALDOR_E_SigAbrtProgram fault (abort process).
ALDOR_E_SigBusProgram fault (bus error).
ALDOR_E_SigEmtProgram fault (emulator instruction).
ALDOR_E_SigFpeProgram fault (arithmetic exception).
ALDOR_E_SigHupUser break (hangup).
ALDOR_E_SigIllProgram fault (illegal instruction).
ALDOR_E_SigIntUser break (interrupt).
ALDOR_E_SigPipeProgram fault (write on a pipe with no one to read it).
ALDOR_E_SigDangerProgram fault (paging space low)
ALDOR_E_SigQuitUser break (quit).
ALDOR_E_SigSegvProgram fault (segmentation violation).
ALDOR_E_SigSysProgram fault (bad argument to system call).
ALDOR_E_SigTermUser break (software termination signal).
ALDOR_E_SigTrapProgram fault (trace trap).
ALDOR_E_SigXcpuExceeded time limit imposed by operating system.
ALDOR_E_SigXfszExceeded file size limit imposed by operating system.
ALDOR_E_SigUnknownUnexpected signal (%d).
ALDOR_F_SxAlreadyShareShare label #nn= previously defined.
ALDOR_F_SxBadArgumentToInappropriate argument to function `%s'.
ALDOR_F_SxBadCharIllegal character 0x%x.
ALDOR_F_SxBadCharNameImproper character name after #\\.
ALDOR_F_SxBadComplexNumImproper complex number #C....
ALDOR_F_SxBadFeatureFormImproper feature form following #+ or #-.
ALDOR_F_SxBadPotNumMeaningless potential number `%s'.
ALDOR_F_SxBadPunctMisplaced `%s'.
ALDOR_F_SxBadTokenMissing escape in token.
ALDOR_F_SxBadUninternedPackage given with `#:'
ALDOR_F_SxCantMacroArgMacro #%c does not take a numeric argument.
ALDOR_F_SxCantShareShare label #nn= not previously defined.
ALDOR_F_SxInternNeedsIntern requires a string.
ALDOR_F_SxMacroIllegIllegal macro character `#%c'.
ALDOR_F_SxMacroUndefUndefined macro character `#%c'.
ALDOR_F_SxMacroUnimpUnimplemented macro character `#%c'.
ALDOR_F_SxMustMacroArgMacro #n%c requires a numeric argument.
ALDOR_F_SxNReverseNeedsNReverse requires the last cdr of a list to be nil.
ALDOR_F_SxNumDenNeeds%s requires an integer or ratio.
ALDOR_F_SxPackageExistsA package with the name %s already exists.
ALDOR_F_SxReadEOFEnd of file during read.
ALDOR_F_SxTooManyEltsNumber of elements greater than given size.
ALDOR_F_StoCantBuildStorage allocation error (can't build internal structure).
ALDOR_F_StoOutOfMemoryStorage allocation error (out of memory).
ALDOR_F_StoUsedNonallocStorage allocation error (using non-allocated space).
ALDOR_F_CantOpenCould not open file `%s'.
ALDOR_F_CantOpenModeCould not open file `%s' with mode `%s'.
ALDOR_F_CantFindTempCould not find unused temporary file names.
ALDOR_W_CantUseObjectCould not use object file `%s'.
ALDOR_W_CantUseLibraryCould not use library file `%s'.
ALDOR_W_CantUseArchiveCould not use archive file `%s'.
ALDOR_W_OverRideLibraryFileCurrent file over-rides existing library in `%s'.
ALDOR_I_PreReleaseThis is a pre-release of %s. `aldor -h info' for more details.
ALDOR_I_DemoExpiryThis is a demo version of %s. `aldor -h info' for information.
This program should not be used after %s
ALDOR_S_Syme_LexVarlexical variable
ALDOR_S_Syme_LexConstlexical constant
ALDOR_S_Syme_Fluidfluid variable

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