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Chapter 30: The Aldor distribution

This chapter lists the files in the Aldor distribution. The files are grouped by directory and listed alphabetically within each directory. The pathname of each directory is listed relative to $ALDORROOT.

Directory: binExecutable binary files.

aldorbug Mail an Aldor bug report
naturalThe Aldor compiler
echonA portable echo command without newline
msgcatConstruct an X/Open message catalog
renumCOFF file line renumbering program
uniarPortable file archiver
uniclPortable compile and link program
unnumCOFF file line number removal program
xaldor Aldor Graphical User Interface
xmandelMandelbrot Set Drawing Program

Directory: includeHeader files

X11.asThe Aldor Xlib Interface
aldor.asThe Aldor Standard Configuration
aldordemo.asThe Aldor Demo Library Interface
axiom.asThe Aldor AXIOM Interface
ax0.asA cut-down version of ""
foam_c.hC support for a First-Order Abstract Machine
platform.hPlatform Configuration File

Directory: libLibraries of compiled objects

axext_l.lspRun time support for AXIOM Interoperability
axextend.asySymbol file for Extensions of AXIOM Domains
axextend.lspLisp code for Extensions of AXIOM Domains
axlit.lspSymbol file for AXIOM literals
axlit.lspLisp code for AXIOM literals
comsgdb.msgCompiler message database (source)
comsgpig.catX/Open compiler message database (Pig Latin)
foam_l.lspLisp support for a First-Order Abstract Machine
lang.lspLisp code for Language Defined Types
libaldorX11.aAldor X Window System R11 Interface (Native Object Library)
libaldorX11.alAldor X Window System R11 Interface (Aldor Object Library)
libaldordemo.aAldor Demo Library (Native Object Library)
libaldordemo.alAldor Demo Library (Aldor Object Library)
libaldor.aAldor Standard Library (Native Object Library)
libaldor.alAldor Standard Library (Aldor Object Library)
libax0.alAldor AXIOM Interface (Aldor Object Library)
libfoam.aAldor FOAM Library (Native Object Library)
libfoam.alAldor FOAM Library (Aldor Object Library)
runtime.lspLisp run time support for Aldor

Directory: samplesSample programs

libaldorX11X Window System R11 Interoperability Files
libaldordemoThe Aldor Demo Library
libaldorThe Aldor Standard Library
libax0AXIOM Interoperability Files
testAldor Regression Tests
xmandelThe XMandel Mandelbrot Set Drawer

Directory: samples/libaldorX11X11 Interoperability Files

X11.asThe Aldor Xlib Interface
Xlib.asXlib Structure Definitions

Directory: samples/libaldordemoThe Aldor Demo Library

dirprod.asDirect Product Domains
gb.asGroebner Basis Computations
ibits.asIndexed Bit Arrays
matopdom.asAdditional Matrix Operations
matrix.asMatrix Domain
poly.asPolynomial Domain
polycat.asCategories used by Polynomial
prime.asInteger Primality Testing
quanc8.as8-Panel Newton-Cotes Quadrature
random.asRandom Number Generator
spf.asSmall Prime Fields
vector.asVector Domain

Directory: samples/libaldorThe Aldor Standard Library

array.asArray Data Type
aldorcat.asStandard Aldor Categories
aldor.asStandard Aldor Configuration
basic.asStandard Aldor Domains
boolean.asBoolean Domain
bpower.asBinary Powering
byte.asByte Domain
char.asCharacter Domain
complex.asComplex Domain
dfloat.asDoubleFloat Domain
efuns.asElementary Floating Point Functions
file.asFile Stream Data Types
float.asArbitrary Precision Float Domain
fmtout.asFormatted Output
fname.asFileName Domain
format.asConversion of Numbers To/From Strings
gener.asGenerator Domain
hinteger.asHalfInteger Domain
imod.asModular Integer Domain
integer.asInteger Domain
lang.asAldor Language Defined Types
langx.asExtensions to Language Defined Types
list.asList Domain
machine.asMachine-level Operations for Basic Types
object.asDynamic Object Domain
opsys.asHigh-level Operating System Interface
oslow.asLow-level Operating System Interface
partial.asPartial Functions
pointer.asPointer Domain
ratio.asRatio Domain
segment.asSegment Domain
sfloat.asSingleFloat Domain
sinteger.asSingleInteger Domain
sort.asList Sorting Package
string.asString Domain
table.asHashTable Domain
textread.asGeneric Text Input Sources
textwrit.asGeneric Text Output Sources
tuple.asTuple Domain

Directory: samples/libax0AXIOM Interoperability Files

axextend.asExtensions of AXIOM Domains in Aldor
axiom.asThe Aldor AXIOM Interface

Directory: samples/testAldor Regression Tests

bigmand.asASCII Mandelbrot Set Drawing
binadd.asBinary `add' Expressions
builtin0.asNumeric Builtin Operations
builtin1.asArray/Record Builtin Operations
cascade0.asCascaded Exports
cascade1.asCascaded Exports
cascade2.asCascaded Exports
cascade3.asCascaded Exports
cascade4.asCascaded Exports
catdef0.asCategory Definition/Inheritance
defarg0.asDefault Functional Arguments
defarg1.asDefault Functional Arguments
defarg2.asDefault Functional Arguments
defarg3.asDefault Functional Arguments
defarg4.asDefault Functional Arguments
defarg5.asDefault Functional Arguments
defarg6.asDefault Functional Arguments
defarg7.asDefault Functional Arguments
defarg8.asDefault Functional Arguments
default0.asDefault Export Definitions
default1.asDefault Export Definitions
default2.asDefault Export Definitions
default3.asDefault Export Definitions
default4.asDefault Export Definitions
default5.asDefault Export Definitions
depend2.asDependent Domain Constructors
depend3.asDependent Domain Constructors
enum0.asEnumeration Types
exit0.asExit Expressions
exptoc.asForeign Function Interface
float0.asFloating Point Computations
float1.asFloating Point Computations
float2.asFloating Point Computations
float3.asFloating Point Computations
format1.asFormatted Output
forn0.asForeign Function Interface
forn1.asForeign Function Interface
forn2.asForeign Function Interface
forn3.asForeign Function Interface
forn4.asForeign Function Interface
funlist1.asLists of Functions
funvar.asFunction Variables
gbtest.asGroebner Basic Calculations
gbtest1.asGroebner Basic Calculations
goto0.asGoto Statements
grok.asMutually Recursive Domains
halt0.asBad Union Branch
halt1.asNever Expresssion
hide0.asImplicit Import Prevention
hilbert.asHilbert Matrix Computation
hilbert0.asHilbert Functions for Monomial Ideals
if4.asConditional Exports
include1.asIncluder Directives
intfact.asInteger Factorization
iroots.asInteger Roots
ladder0.asMutually Recursive Type Constructors
loop0.asLoop Statements
loop1.asLoop Statements
loop2.asLoop Statements
loop3.asLoop Statements
macex0.asMacro Expansions
macex1.asMacro Expansions
macex2.asMacro Expansions
macex3.asMacro Expansions
macex4.asMacro Expansions
macex5.asMacro Expansions
none0.asNo-Value Expression Context
object0.asDynamic Objects
qimport.asQualified Imports
qual0.asQualified Imports
qual1.asQualified Imports
qual2.asQualified Imports
record.asRecord Data Types
record0.asRecord Data Types
swap.asType Constructors as Functional Arguments
tree.asTree Data Type
union0.asUnion Data Types
union1.asUnion Data Types

Directory: samples/xmandelThe XMandel Mandelbrot Set Drawer

xmandel.asThe XMandel Mandelbrot Set Drawer

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