Rationale for the Aldor Public License v1.0

This rationale describes the license and is not part of it.

This license permits unrestricted use of the material covered if it is not redistributed outside the recipient's organization, subject to acceptance of the disclaimer of liability. Redistribution in full or in part, or creation of derivative works is permitted including the use of all or part of the material in a commercial package. The first three clauses that control redistribution follow the well-established BSD license. The fourth clause is present for two reasons:

When part or all of the code licensed here is incorporated into a distinct work our intent is not to lay claim to rights to the larger work as a whole: we just assert rights over the changes to the Aldor.org software developed in the process of making it fit to be embedded in the new context.

This does not give Aldor.org (or anybody else) exclusive rights to changes. The license permits (and Aldor.org encourages) those who make changes to distribute the whole of their work in source form thus giving everybody (not just Aldor.org) rights to make commercial or non-commercial use of everything.

Typical programs compiled with the Aldor compiler contain portions of the Aldor distribution (e.g. code inlined or linked from the library or run-time system). Aldor.org does not wish to limit the distribution of programs compiled with the Aldor compiler even though these may incidentally contain portions of such object code from the library or run-time system.

Aldor.org.   January 2002

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