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ldor is a programming language with an expressive type system well-suited for mathematical computing and which has been used to develop a number of computer algebra libraries. Originally known as A#, Aldor was conceived as an extension language for the Axiom system, but is now used more in other settings.

In Aldor, types and functions are first class values that can be constructed and manipulated within programs. Pervasive support for dependent types allows static checking of dynamic objects. What does this mean for a normal user? Aldor solves many difficulties encountered in widely-used object-oriented programming languages. It allows programs to use a natural style, combining the more attractive and powerful properties of functional, object-oriented and aspect-oriented styles.

This site is a portal to the Aldor community. It provides information about the Aldor programming language, its compiler and libraries, downloads for software and documentation, a community Wiki and bug tracking tools.


July 10, 2013 -- Apache Software Foundation License v 2.0 pre-release
  • now has permission to distribute Aldor under the Apache Software Foundation Apache License, Version 2.0.

    We have been working on building a distribution that builds cleanly on current versions of the most popular platforms. There have been requests to obtain pre-release versions, even though the porting work is not complete. We therefore provide the development version on an as-is basis


Aldor Wiki
Refer to the Aldor wiki for links to documentation, and information about projects related to Aldor.

Mailing List
Subscribe to the Aldor mailing list here.

Bug Report
Follow this link to the bug report form. (You will need to sign up for an account.)


Development Version

We provide the development version on an as-is basis, under the Apache Software Foundation Apache License, Version 2.0.


Source Release

Aldor sources are now available for non-commercial purposes, under the Aldor Public License Version 2.0. The sources may be retrieved from the SVN server (see "Development" below) and following the instructions in the README.building file. Documentation for the language and libraries is available from the Aldor Wiki documentation page. Applications requiring other licensing terms should contact proposals at

The following libraries have been compiled and tested with earlier versions of the Aldor compiler:
  • Algebra (note that this library is already included in the compiler distribution)
  • Libaldor (note that this library is already included in the compiler distribution)
  • Piit
  • Sumit

Pre-built Compilers
How to download prebuilt executiable versions of the Aldor compiler:

  • Step 1. Click here to get to the license page.
  • Step 2. Read the license. If you don't accept it, there will be no download.
  • Step 3. Choose your OS
  • Step 4. Download



Public Subversion Repository
To obtain a full source tree do:
   svn co aldor


Please visit the contact page.

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